Raising consciousness

H.H. Soham Babajee is teaching us how to live our lives in harmony with other people and with Mother Earth.
Underneath H.H. Babajee emphasizes 4 accessible steps for everyone as a first step in raising personal and collective consciousness.

Inner climate


How is your inner climate? Are you feeling peaceful, happy and balanced?

By practicing daily mediation you can make steps towards raising consciousness.

Be aware of what you eat


By eating simple but nutritious food, rice, vegetables and mineral water your health will increase.

Try to eat less of the following products; meat, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Selfless service


Practice selfless service towards the poorest of the poor, the ill and the neglected.

Babajee is teaching us that those who only live for themselves are more death then alive.

Take care of Mother Earth

Plant a tree

This earth is the only one we have, lets live in harmony with nature. Lets prevent further climate change and allow our children to live on this beatifull Earth.
Plant a tree once a year is the fastest and most acessable way to take care of our nature.